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Online Payment Terms and Conditions


This online payment system is provided by the University of East London (University) and its third party suppliers. These terms and conditions may be updated at various times and any changes will be effective immediately. Please ensure you are aware of the current terms.

1. Terms and Conditions


It is important that you read these terms and conditions terms carefully before using the online payment facility as using this online payment facility indicates that you accept these terms. Please do not use this online facility if you do not accept these terms and conditions.


2. The following conditions apply to all online payments:


  • All payments must be made in £ Sterling. The student or third party will be liable for any currency conversion costs or other charges that may be incurred in making the payment.

  • We will aim to show your payment on your University accounts on the following working day.

  • The University will not be responsible if a payment is either refused or declined by the Card Issuing Bank for any reason.

3. Refund Policy


  • Refunds must be made in writing to the Finance and Registry Help Team at are generally processed three weeks from date of receipt of the e-mail but during peak periods (enrolment), the processing time may increase.

  • Refunds will go back against the original payment in compliance with the Bank’s Card Rules.

4. Security
  • All card payment details entered through this gateway are encrypted and the communications between the gateway and the Payment Service Provider’s site are also encrypted.

  • The University will not be liable for any failure by the card holder making the payment to properly protect their details being seen by other persons or otherwise obtained by such persons during the online payment process or in respect of any omission to provide accurate information in the course of the online payment process.

5. Service Provider


  • The on line card payments are not collected by the University directly but by the Payment Service Provider. We accept all cards except American Express and Diners.

  • The card holder will receive an e-mail either confirming that the payment has been authorised by their card holding bank or declined.

  • All authorised payments will be posted back to the relevant student’s accounts or the areas that would be expecting the other income on the following day.

  • It is responsibility of the student to check with the University that the card payment has been accepted.

6. Data Protection
  • The term ‘personal data’ is as defined in the Data Protection Act 1998

  • The University will collect (or may already hold) the student’s personal data and that of the third party making the payment in accordance with its data protection policy.

  • By agreeing to these terms and conditions, the student and any third party making payment accepts and consents to their personal data being provided to the Payment Service Provider for the sole purpose of the Provider offering and administering the online payment facility to the student or the third party making the payment.

  • The student or third party making the payment is responsible for ensuring that all personal data provided to or held by the University and /or provided to the Payment Service Provider is clear and accurate. The University will not be liable for any losses suffered by the student or third party making the payment as a result of inaccurate information being provided either to the University of the Service Provider.

  • The University may use the personal information provided to it to contact the student or third party making payment, to clarify or resolve any issues that arise in connection with any online payment made in respect of the student’s accounts with the University.


Contact Details


Should you require any further details at all in relation to any part of the on-line payment process, please contact the Finance and Registry Help Team directly on



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